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Brookstone Rover 1.0

I got this rover a few year ago, I kept in a shell for my kids who now is 9 year old. Nothing fancy very simple rover however I tried when I got it and it was working. However now I tried to got the app for my mini iPad (new model 2019) and the system  does not open, keep me in the purple window, Can I get the initial software for this Rover 1.0. I rather to have little option than no option and keep this rover in the shell.
can you provide me the old software for the Brookstone Rover 1.0?
hope you guy can help me


by the way I checked some manual and Youtube videos, I am not sure is the hardware product that I selected was the right one.

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This is not a Brookstone support forum. This thread will be deleted in 24 hours from now.

The product you selected ez robot IoTiny is also not related to this product. Only ask questions related to products that you can actually select.
Again, this is not a support forum for your brookstone toy.