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Brookstone Rover Project Help

i am modifying my brookstone rover so i can tell siri to sweep the floor.
i have set up a twitter account with my phone attached so siri can send tweets. my question is how do i make the tweets control the rover to do a series of commands.


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Oh that's just sweet , text commands remotly , love it.
Latest ARC has twitter feed commands

It's located under Add Control->Misc->Twitter Recognition
@ttravis2947 sorry, i don't know how you'd do that with an Arduino. This is a forum for EZ-Robot and the EZ-B. However, if you have an EZ-B, you can download and ARC. Under the menu Add Control->Misc->Twitter Recognition is the ability to what you desire.

You can add the Twitter Recognition control. And any custom commands you send to the twitter account can be executed by your robot.

Twitter only lets you query the server a max of 150 times per hour, which is min 30 seconds. So your EZ-Robot will execute twitter commands every 30 seconds.
ok thanks a lot

one more question. how do i get the twitter feed poll to connect to the rovers wifi
You would require two wifi connections on your PC. One to the rover, and one to the internet for twitter