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Brookstone Rover And Windows 8.1

I have done the search and found that some people have problems connecting their rover to Windows 8. My problem is that it never appears in my wifi list. I have a netbook that has Windows 7 starter and it appears in the list. What is it about Windows 8 that I need to change? I have tried disabling my antivirus software, windows fireball etc. I have other devices such as my roku and network cameras that I have no connection issues. Thanks, Barry.


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Have you tried manually setting up a wifi network and entering in the SSID to see if that works?


Yes and it successfully adds it, but it doesn't show up. Same thing with my Sony android tablet. It works fine with an IPhone. My netbook with windows 7 starter sees it and connects to it, but disconnects when I try to operate it with ARC. I am lost. z stress


Nobody else has or has ever had any trouble with the Brookstone rover not showing on their network list on windows 8.1? I am the only one ... really? I just trying to use it while I wait for Roli.

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To be honest I doubt many others here have used Windows 8.1 and a Brookstone rover. There are some Brookstone rover projects but most people will still be on Windows 7.

You may have more luck on a website dedicated to the rover or even from the manufacturer.

The only other thing I can suggest is to try using a different WiFi NIC, use a USB WiFi dongle and see if that picks it up, it's as likely to be a problem between the NIC in the pc and the rover rather than the OS and the rover. I always had issues with my old Sony Viao laptop and finding some wireless networks.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. We are like minded in the approach to solve the conflict. It worked quite well today with my windows 7 starter and ARC on my netbook. I will use it until my Roli arrives. Thanks again, Barry