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Brookstone Rover And Matlab

Hey All,

I'm not quite sure where this post should be, but I believe this topic area will give me the best bet at finding an answer.

I'm currently trying to control the Brookstone Rover's (v. 1.0) from MATLAB and I'm completely lost. I've a small fleet of these robots (they're cheap!) and I'd like to control them from within MATLAB using a biologically inspired controller. I'm posting here about this because I've yet to find anyone who has hacked these Rovers (a lot of people have hacked the 2.0's). This leaves me with a few questions:

Are any of the developers of the EZ software willing to share the source code used for interfacing EZ with the Rovers?

Is there a way for EZ to talk with MATLAB?

I choose to post here as MATLAB is closer to C#/C++ than the other options listed.

Thanks in Advance!


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Dude you're doing it the hard way... forget Mathlab and C+....all you need is EZ Robot for version 1 of the rover... :)... If Mathab is a must.... someone else can chime in..


I need to use MATLAB, I need some of MATLAB's functionality that would be a PITA (pardon my French) to rebuild or port from the ground up.

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You can link ARC with anything via Telnet.

If using the SDK I suggest looking at the EZ-Face source code.


I think I would take @Rich's advice and try Telnet or you could do something a bit unorthodox and use 2 PCs/Laptops in conjunction.

I'm a hardware guy so I have no idea if there would be something easier than this but you could have the one PC running MATLAB hooked up with a serial connection (maybe via Bluetooth) to another PC running ARC which is then connected to the Brookstone rover over WiFi. You could trigger events with MATLAB and send serial commands to the ARC PC that will be running your own EZ-Script listening for commands to be sent and executing movements as a result.

ARC could use the Brookstone rover camera to trigger commands and send them back over a serial connection back to MATLAB if you needed it to.

It's not an ideal solution but it's an idea.


We found a work around via packet sniffing. Took a lot longer to do it manually, but we made progress. Thanks anyway.


Hai Computerwiz3 can you please help in in packet sniffing I'm currently trying to control the Brookstone Rover's using matlab