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Break Out Sound Hack: Ez-B V4 External Sound Hack

Hey everyone!

Following Dave Schulpius's tutorial for adding a 3.5mm headphone jack to the ez-b I successfully connected my wired speaker to the ez-b. Here's a vid detailing the hack and how I did.

Original tutorial:

Hope it helped! Tech


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Hey @Tech

Nice tutorial, wish I had your presentation skills when I recorded my omnibot series:)


Nice tutorial!

Any of the CAD gurus out there thought of taking the EZ-B v4 case and modding it to tap the ground and audio points with spring loaded connection similar to the way the EZ-B v4 speaker currently attaches to EZ-B v4 main board. The case mod would also need a hole for the wire to exit. A 3D printable modded case might be a popular item if it required no mods to the EZ-B v4 other than changing the bottom of the EZ-B v4 case.