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As my first project on robotics I am going to build boxbot but a little more upgrades on him like he will be able to talk he will have arms and maybe if can make him autonomous.Since I am a beginner in robots I will require a bit of assistants in this project and will ask any question I have on this thread.i hope it's not any trouble and thanks in advance for helping me


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You would be better off starting new topics for each question you encounter, that way you can give the deserved thanks to each person who helps you over multiple questions rather than just one person.

Also, you should start a topic in the showcase forum for your build progress where you can explain what you plan, what you have done, post photos etc. rather than opening a general discussion and requesting help before you have any questions.

I hate to play forum police but using the forums correctly makes for a much better experience for everyone and will make it easier for others to help you in areas where they are able to help. For instance, I rarely check the 3D printing forum or the SDK forums because I do not know much about 3D printing or the SDK and C# so wouldn't be much help, my time is better spent on topics that I can help on.

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I made this thread because I have a few questions that will not benifit other people and I don't have any pictures yet because my ez robot complete kit did not come yet

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My first question is is it possible to just attach a gripper to the end of the hand in stead of putting all he servos because the hand is a toilet paper roll and it cannot afford to make a hand in South Africa we use Zar 1$ is R11

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All questions benefit other people. Also, if one person answers one question and somebody else answers a different one you only have the option to give one person the credit they deserve for answering the question, you would not be able to let both (or more) people have the rewards.

You will also find more people with the specific knowledge about your question will see and respond to the questions. A topic simply called "Boxbot" requesting assistance for grippers, servos, H-bridges etc. may not attract those who have more technical knowledge on the specific piece. Where as a new topic with a correctly titled subject may attract those with more specified knowledge.

As for your question, I'm not sure I understand. We need more information and it would help to know why you are asking the question. What is your concern with attaching a gripper to an arm?

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The arm for box bot is a toilet paper roll I cannot afford to put an arm with 3 servos as it is to expensive so I was wondering if I could put 1 servo and the gripper will it open and close

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I found this picture in the thread about Lexi I wanted to put this at the end of the hand because it only needs one servo instead of three I just need the gripper to open and close

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There are many single servo grippers available, some of them are pretty cheap, and if you have access to a 3D printer (maybe a local hacker space) there are some designs on Thingverse.

If you search this forum for "claw" you will see a lot of pictures and links to what is available.

Here is one of the least expensive I have found.


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I saw your hand and I really liked it I was wondering if you could make one for me and I will pay you because they are no laser cutting shops in South Africa

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thetechguru thanks for the link but I am looking for a liitle bigger then the gripper they sell something that can get you a dink


Yeah.. No problem. actually, I have a pair of the three fingers claw here. Just the pieces, not the servos...

Send me your adress and I´ll send you as a gift. You can glue it yourself. it´s very simple. ok ?

And, if you wish something a litlle ligther, you can use the vector template I left on the forum and cut it in plywood or something.. it works well too.

Best regards.

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Thanks I really appreciate it please send me your email address




Hi. I saw your mail.. sorry for the delay. I am out of the town this week , so I'll not be able to send you the claws until monday.. and about the price.. as I said, is a gift, from a builder to another, ok ? best Regards From Brazil.


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It's ok just send me a email when you get back and do you have 2 claws


tevans very noble off you.

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Please tell me when you are back in town