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Bought A Samsung Galaxy Tablet

it has android 4.0 system will it work with EZB and how got it from newegg for $549 1.40 ghz WIFI,and bluetooth

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Eventually - we are trying to hire a mobile developer to finish the app:)

In the meantime, look at mobimotion (i think there is an android version) - it connects to ARC nicely


i can cancel it since not shipped yet would i the new IPAD be better to use,i also have a IPOD 3RD GEN


When the app is released, it'll work for both devices:)


Robotmaker , are you looking at android phones or tablets?


The app sounds fun - real fun. My wife is hunting down a quality netbook with windows OS on E-bay. I'll post the details the minute we find it. Cheers :)


tablets only,not much into phones,netbooks are great for robots,have 2 on robot designs


Hi Robotmaker...

The problem with tablets, from what I've seen is most run off android (ideally we want Windows 7). I've been looking at netbooks and most of the 7inch ones use windows ce (not the best for what we want to be able to do with our robots). So, we are now looking at 10 inch netbooks and many of them run windows 7 and are reasonably priced $200-$300. We just adjusted Bobs width to accommodate the 10 inches needed. :) :)


not using it in my robots only to control and keep a eye on them second netbooks dont fit inside most robots ,best to use is a ITX board scond WINDOWS 7 you need more power to run 64 bits or if running 32 bits i found is much much slower because of all the add-ons using a benchdrive test,that if you look at every robot made ,new or older all use WINDOWS XP PRO or LINUS,NONE ON THE MARKET USES WINDOWS 7 most like it beacuse it the lastest software and has a lot of bells and whistles what happens when windows 8 then windows 9 and then windows 10 come out


Currently have a 10 inch netbook sitting on the robot " Like an apron". Stripped off the clunky version of win 7 and dumped a very sparton (minimum bells whistles) windows 7 ultimate and it runs great. Only added a bit over a kilo and had to make bigger cage but Bob still zooms around. Probably fit a ssd a bit later down the track.:D


i tried the same on my netbook,does good,but when i replaced with a stripped down WINDOWS XP PRO it runs faster it great for desktops and where you need 32 bits or 64 bits ,but if running on a robot it doesnt do great,BUT for some robots that doesnt need much speed it may or should work fine also the test i did was with 32 bits,and with 64 bits it was almost the same only double the current thinking that why the big robot companies who have the best engineers working on robot design to sell and over $50,000 or so,dont use WINDOWS 7 I THINK THAT US ROBOT BUILDERS are the only ones,because its a new system software out there soon windows 9 and windows 10 and so on,because everyone wants the lastest system software


I looked on, they sell pico-itx boards that only measure 10cm by 7.2cm and run off 12 volts. they're selling an ARM version for androids too, same footprint. I think that's what I'm going with if I ever go the embedded route:)


yes i have 11 of them for my robots PX10000G got very lucky on ebay 7 for $340 ,big major score and all worked with memory they go for about $200 each with memory others i got for $120 each with artigo case so check ebay for ARTIGO OR VIA PX10000G


Thats a screamin deal:) The one I was eyeballin is the epia p720, fanless 1ghz, six usb, vga and hdmi w/sound and 2gigs of ram:D I'd probably try xp pro as well, alot more free voices are available for txt to speech:) this board also has a 44 pin IDE and one SATA. But then again, i also have an acer netbook with the atom n270, I'll probably use that one on a larger scale robot:) This forum rocks, Its awesome how we can all bounce ideas off eachother without feeling like such dorks lol:)


Well its good you said that, because I am about to ask very dorky questions. I assume you guys are talking about cobbling together your own computer to control your bots? If I was a sane individual I would simply do things the easy way, but no, I have to go way beyond my ability/brains or talent, so I am asking: you guys must be programming not using the easy control version? What do you need to make it work, I am assuming something like rasberry pi? (which I am thinking is a dumbed down version of linux - please correct me if I am wrong which is usually). Seeing as I am already making tools so that I can make my first bot, may as well make that too. Hey its all about learning, no?


so far there is no LINUX version of EZB

on using a small computer,very easy to make and install,dont have to be a computer tech to do it, manual tell how to do it step by step ,and to add video screen,thats very easy and cheap,all you need is a flat screen to fit the robot you are making that has a video input and cheap $5 vga to video adapter cable,some robots you need a screen some you dont or wont look good all you do is plug in memory,add cable for hard drive,ssd is the best,if robot bumps or falls down you dont lose your drive,second add a 12 volts atx power supply or unless you get one built in,load the software and set the bios and your ready to go most laptops take up a lot of room,plus more weight and battery usage,and charging it much higher i am computer tech and electric engineer