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Bluetooth + Win7 = Pain In The ....

Hi DJ,

I have the same USB dongle as you sell there. I also have a Toshiba Satellite laptop without Bluetooth. Normally we would shove one item into the other, Windows 7 does its thing and Dave is your Uncle we have a working Bluetooth. Sadly though I have never managed to get Bluetooth to work on Win7. It will scan for a device and if it does find it the code (which comes up automaticaly) does not match the code on the device. I have tried several Bluetooth Stack control software jobbies but none seem to work properly. Even the Toshiba software did not work and then it said it only had 28 days left (???) I am beginning to think that this computer runs on the Maya Calander hence the 28 days remaining!

Anyhow, you seem to perfer Win 7 over XP, but what Bluetooth software do you reccomend?

Thanks in advance


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This is one of my concerns. I have a toshiba Nbook 205 and a BT dongle. Bt works fine for audio and mouse, but I have a bt gps that is supposed to create two serial ports when paired. It only creates one, and no software can open it.

I have an Hp laptop from work running XP for now that I can use to get started, but I was already planning on swapping the Bt on the EZ-B for WiFi at some point, and may accelerate that if I have the same kind of issues.



If you've installed a bunch of stacks, the OS is probably confused now. I suggest a format and fresh install.

With windows 7, you don't need any stacks. Just the built-in one works great. Just remember, when you experience an issue - that there are thousands of ez-robot users without that issue. When that happens, it usually means "darn windows" :)

But really, who doesn't enoy a fresh clean install of windows? It's like new shoes!

We test with no utilities or virus software or third party stacks.

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I had the BT problem when I first put the dongel in, Win 7 installed drivers..... Win 7 scans for devices... Found Phone, TV, Server and Tablet... Pair with device and you get pairing code on the windows side and something tottaly different on the tablet. I paired the tablet on my works computer (Win XP Prof) and it worked fine. Mind you, XP asked for a code, which I entered and all was happy, Win7 does not give me that option. Hence trying the Toshiba jobbies thinking they might work better.

Windows 7 has a mind of its own and I might end up buying a new laptop with BT already installed at this rate!


I have a no name BT dongle that I've plugged in my Win 7 PC and Vista Laptop, worked on both, however I do notice that I need to sometimes "remove the device" (EZ-B) and re-add it if I move the dongle from one computer to the next. I agree with DJ, just use the BT driver with windows and try uninstalling any of the other software that want to manage it. I've ran into similar issues on laptops with WIFI managers, get rid of all the extra BS and just go with what is on a clean install of the OS. Hopefully you get is sorted out.


Find a D-link DBT-122, it has worked for years on everything that I plug it into, Win 7, Win Xp, Win Xp pro, Millennium and 98 A,B,C, and D oh and recently on my Ro-Board running XP-Pro.

On the O/Systems that didn't recognize it I just installed the driver and walla...It works.

I thought of updating the device but what for! it works perfect.

And yes...clean out the excess baggage from your O/S and you will have great success.


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I feel ashamed :(

I now know what the problem was, it was a dodgy Bluetooth adapter.

Thanks to eBay and 1.20 in P&P I now have a working one :)

Thats what happens when you trust the device you have used before!

Sorry to have wasted your time on this one, but now we know that if you have an issue where the Win7 pairing code is different to the device code you can rectfy it by carefully placing the USB dongle in a vice and hitting it with a hammer, then replace the broken unit with a new highend quality one.

Don't forget your safety glasses!


I am happy to say that my concern was unfounded. The issue I am having with comm ports on my BT GPS is clearly a problem with the Gps. I had no issues connecting to my Ez-b.