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Bluetooth Replacement Gone Wrong?

DJ, since im having issues with win8, I decided to pull out my usb to serial adapter. it does 3.3 or 5v. I tried 3.3. I attached according to how labeled on my board.
Starting from pin closest to power connector it is RX,TX,GND,V+
I smelled hot resistor after a couple minutes so I unplugged everything and checked the underside of the Bluetooth card. Starting from same reference its labeled VCC,GND,TX,RX.



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Thanks dj, I will check it in the morning. Ive packed it away to take to work,:)
The rerouting pcb located between the BT and the EZ-B, I actually ended up with that burning up the traces too. I tried removing it and attaching wires from the BT to the EZ-B but ended up with the pads on the BT lifting off the pcb due to heat from my soldering iron.
The way i connected my usb to serial adapter for my omnibot's EZ-B is only connecting signal lines and ground. Saves a lot of trouble ;)
This is true Niek however for devices that require the 5V input rather than just sending and receiving, adding the gnds having to be tied together, it makes that extra V+ line on the connector handy. I actually have
little beauty in my collection however I don't have it hooked to my ez-b. It's going to my arduIMU V3. It should be well capable of connecting with the EZ-B,.