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Bluetooth Help

Hello,i have this Bluetooth dongle bluetooth

And i need to do the initial install of the firmware.the weird thing is i does not find the ezb at all.but it can find my smart phone, and my phone in turn can find the ezb. I am using the windows Bluetooth stack.the USB is windows 7 compliant.i tried everything i can think of, rebooting, changing USB Ports, uninstalling the Bluetooth device etc... I'm at a lose, the only thing i can think of is that the ezb uses a different frequency than the dongle....any ideas?


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United Kingdom
It should see it.

Check the Hardware section, a couple of weeks ago I posted screenshots from start to finish for pairing and updating firmware, I'm on my phone so can't link to it easily but its there (click user details on the left of this and it shows all my topics, its one of the last)
The problem is that when i click the icon and select add device.windows does not see any device.i tested it with my phone and i was able to see my phone and add it, but not the ezb. I searched for a Bluetooth device on my Android phone and i was able to see the ezb and pair it to my phone.but not on my pc....
United Kingdom
How far away from the computer is the EZ-B?

I've not looked at the dongle you have since the link is messed up so I don't know anything about it but would say that if your phone can see the EZ-B then the problem lies with either the PC or the dongle. If the PC can see your phone then bluetooth on the PC is working as it should which only leaves the dongle.

I use the one in the EZ Robots store on one PC without problem (other than distance but that's not just the dongle), I ordered 2 more for other PCs which are pretty much the same. You don't need to go all singing all dancing, cheap will do.
the ez-b is not more than a foot away. it's sitting on top of the tower directly above the dongle.
sorry about the link, i was trying to add it with my phone last night,the link above works.
well i was able to use my netbook to connect and update the firmware. It's not my first choice as it's running xp, I would like to use my desktop pc,because its an amd phenom quadcore win7 "build by me..lol" but the nebook will do for now. I believe the issue is most likely the usb bluetooth dongle,i bet its not compatable with the ezb.I can't get my hands on the one from this site because i don't want to pay shipping to usa and i did not see any ,on the other websites shops. so i guess i'll have to buy a few different ones from a local store and try them out. thanks for the help anyways
United Kingdom
I believe mine are manufactured by Dynamode however I'm unable to check as the site I got them from is down and I'm not at home. Just a cheap $3 dongle on ebay will probably do just fine.
Lol, i have two from Ebay. One is the one Above and the other one is a mini it only cost a few dollars..never worked..lol i guess i have bad luck with bluetooths.