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Bluetooth Driver

Hello, I am Lin Duquette. I am not a computor guy. After several attempts I think I have really messed this up. I am pretty much stuck at step 1. I bought my rocketfish bluetooth dongle and tried to use the built in windows bluetooth driver by not inserting the cd that came with the dongle. Everything installed, windows said it was working properly however there was no bluetooth icon in the system tray. So I installed the cd and all the software and presto bluetooth icon in the system tray. I continued to follow the tutorial instruction, I found linvor, paired, wrote down the com ports. Then I went to install the firmware and it failed. I read a few post, sounds easy use the windows driver. I am not using the windows driver, it is the broadcomm or widcomm or rocketfish driver that came with it. I have spent several hours over several days trying in vain to use the windows driver.

I have tried uninstalling the driver and rebooting and connecting the dongel: it says new hardware, installed rocketfish driver.

I tried update driver; choose from a disk; but I can't find a windows driver. I can find a windows bluetooth driver using explorer but even when I type that into the box it says that's not a driver.

I searched out and deleted every file I could find that said rocketfirsh or broadcomm, went into the registry and did the same. Now I got a rocketfish bluetooth device that it says is installed properly and is working propoerly but is not connected.

I would very much not like to have to buy a new computor.

Can anyone help this guy who went way too far before asking for help.


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1. turn the computer of then back on
2. unplug the usb and plug it back it
3. switch to a different USB port
when I did this it behaves the same. I did uninstall the driver. Turned off the computer, removed the dongel, turned on the computor, installed the dongle. The computor says "new hardware found" and installs the rocketfish driver.
Can you find a "Restore Point" before you started all the bluetooth activity ? If so restore to an earlier date prior to the installation attempt.
wouldn't that be great. My last restore was so long ago I think everyone else in the family would shoot me.
United Kingdom
A cheaper option to buying a new PC is to get another Bluetooth dongle. Having the Bluetooth icon in the system tray doesnt really mean anything its just an accessability option. They are $5 on this site
great advice. just bought the one sold on the website. should know in a few weeks if this fixes it.
United Kingdom
Check you have removed anything that was installed. Go to programs and Features and check nothing is remaining in the installed programs.
United Kingdom
Hope it goes well lets us know