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Blown Capacitor

Hi, I blew 2 capacitors today ( 35v 100uf ) hooking up a servo wrong in a rush. I was wondering is it safe to test my board to see if it still works before replacing the capacitors. This is a EZ-B v3 board


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I'd replace the known bad parts on the ezb before you test it.


Went with Daves advice to be on the safe side and everything worked out


Outstanding. I damaged my old V3 EZB a few years ago a couple times doing careless things in a hurry. They'er easy to fix (as long as you don't blow the main chip (that's hard to come by).

I replace known bad parts on electronics's. Then I do some testing with a multi meter looking for proper values (if I know them) and test for continuity to ground that shouldn't be there (a short). Then I hold my breath and fire it up and hope I really dont fire it up (if you know what I mean). ;)