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Block User Feature For Forum?


Is there anyway to add a block user/ignore posts feature to your forum?

I know it's your own code, so you must be able to customize?

I'm sure myself and a few others have a few people we would like to erase
out of our lives.

There is a disruptive force on this forum that needs to go away.


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It's probably easiest to not talk to those people who bother you:) .. Simply ignore their posts

It's hard to ignore their posts when they are babbling in every post of the forum. It
would be different if at minimum the comments made sense and related to the topic.
Good advice DJ that from now on i do not talk to someone on this post anymore.
I tried to be nice to him but didnt work.

ALSO i do apologise to everyone on the problem that i did,nobody is perfect

ONLY WORST thing i cant stand is to be insulted,just because somebody sais something you didnt like or dont agree with it doesnt meen you have to get MAD and give the other person a insult and themn also say i dont care i hurt your feelings ,like in one post

Also RICH i told you again please do not send me any more emails ,i see in my spam you did AFTER I TOLD YOU NOT TOO.

Thats why i didnt put the email up for ALAN and TROY
Only here to build robots mostly
Omg, you guys are killing me lol. Every time I read posts that include people bickering, it makes me think that some people have lost focus of what this forum is here for. This forum is a gift, its a privelage, and a tremendously useful tool for us to learn from eachother and it won't be around forever if the facebook-like drama ensues. Thats why there isn't a block button, there shouldnt be a need for one. I vote no more bickering, and no more threads started on the topic. There's my two cents.
Dj has good advice and @robotmaker has helped me a lot as many people have, sorry we all can't be up to everyones standards
Well it's a problem that needs to be resolved.

Does DJ want the good people to leave because of a few bad apples?

Ignoring the problem/posts is not going to resolve it.

Better to discuss rather than lose customers.

If you want to call it bickering that's your choice.

I visit this forum multiple times during the day. I'm here to learn and help others.
I dont think we will lose bad customers because iof this.

My ideas only here to help others.

Also discussing it makes it worse.
DJ gave very good advive when a person bothers you just answer him,be before i did on RICH ,but now not going to argue any more with RICH ,i just post my ideas for others to use

So problem WITH STOP at least with me ,

I still think latter on there will be others that will argue and they need to do the same .

JUST like this this post has nothing to do with making robots and thats what i am here for.
Well not discussing doesn't resolve anything.

Maybe we need dedicated moderators to help keep people on track? We shouldn't but something needs to change.

@Robotmaker, I hope things change. I hope things get better. Have a look back at some of your posts and try to understand the reason the frustration levels have grown on the forum. It's not all you but a large part of your posts up to the last few days or so have been annoying as hell.
I look forward to a resolution. I believe you have a wealth of knowledge but you need to share it/communicate it in a better fashion.
Well I certainty hope I don't cause anyone's frustrations , if i do your welcome to email me anytime. - josh s
@Josh, You frustrate me with all your cool ideas! :D
LUMPY every post is about me and RICH nobody else do i have a problem with and what makes them much worse is the insults i get from him.

BUT nobody will say anything to RICH because he is very good at coding and it make cause him to leave the forum,

THAT is not fair
Then you sir are welcome to email me! Lmbo
Always know JOSH is a very cool person and funny sometimes
United Kingdom
@All - don't fall in to the same trap I did. It's not worth it. Concerns should be raised off of the forums. Hostility and frustration seems to be frequenting this topic and I've only made one post... I wasn't going to post again however after reading the three pages worth of posts I feel I must.

It's no secret that there are heated discussions between myself and @robotmaker, it's no secret that he has frustrated me recently to a degree that quite frankly I am a little ashamed of, however I did all I could to keep that away from the community. My excuse, if I need one is that it is difficult helping others learn when there is someone there constantly pushing your buttons, complaining about not using an idea or complaining about using an idea they had.

From emails received over the past 3 weeks or so I am fully aware that it is not the bickering which is the problem. I am also aware that a disturbing number of people no longer post on the forums as they have told me so in the same emails. What @Lumpy expressed is absolutely correct. The community is already losing members and it isn't just due to any bickering.

All I will suggest is to ignore those who you don't wish to deal with. It is hard (I know it's hard!) but it really is the only way. We are a community, each of us has something to offer everyone else.

If your frustration becomes too much or if you have any concerns over what you are seeing in the forums surely it is best to voice them privately via the Contact Us page. We must remember that EZ-Robots is growing, the staff are very busy and things of this nature on the forums for all to see, including potential new members and new sales will not help them progress.

I am a very approachable person, if you have concerns over anything I post, or if you think my posts have stepped over a line I honestly welcome any emails informing me. It's plainly obvious that I am on here to help as much as I can but I do realise that sometimes I may get to a point that someone needs to stop me and say "hold on a minute". Some of you have been doing that, I thank you for it (you know who you are) and I've been able to pull away from many a topic which could easily have ended up like some of the others.

Now, can we get on with building some darn robots please? :).
I said the same thing ignore them like i am doing from now on.

BUT also RICH you need not to get mad at people who push you buttons by calling them names or bad insults.

NOT once do you ever see me get mad at anyone ,NEVER a reason to get mad at a person just because you think his idea may not be any good.

ALSO have you ever tested the design to say it doesnt work ,so how do you know it a bad idea.

HOW does anyone know we are losing customers i dont think there is a counter to say how many is on this forum

ONLY DJ can say if we are losing people and could be from other reasons also.
Resist the urge , don't reply just ignore each other..... No reply needed
YES i started it already JOSH , just dont reply any more

HOPE this post is ended SO we can build what i love the most ROBOTS i hope to have the largest collection ever of robots

My girlfriend says i am ROBOHOLIC and i need a cure fot it.