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Bing Speech Recognition Control Moves To Desktop 2 And Cant Be Moved

My Bing speech recognition control sometimes moves to the second desktop and I can not move it from there. I am right clicking on the window for the option but it does not appear once the control is on the second desktop. I can move all other controls as normal.

Is this a bug? I believe it happened with the last update but not sure.


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Plugins add to the current viewable desktop. However, when project is saved, plugins will always load to desktop 1.


Except for the bing speech recognition plugin. For me:) It is now on the second desktop of all my projects. Saved them all many times and they all open with this plugin on desktop 2


Any more thoughts here. This is getting annoying. Can anyone else comment if this is happening to them?

I also notice that the API.AI plugin cannot be moved once it is placed on Desktop 2

EZR and plugins are both updated to latest version


I can confirm that when a plugin is placed on the second desktop, and then you right mouse click the plugin, the option to move the plugin to the other desktop doesn't appear. On controls, the option does appear. I have tried multiple plugins and it appears to be all plugins.

Just wanted to let you know that it isn't your machine or install or anything like that Perry. Sorry it took me so long to test out. I haven't had ARC open long enough to test it out until tonight.


Thanks for checking. Driving me crazy. The Bing Speech plugin 'automoves' to my second desktop on all my projects. Frustrating.


One more piece of information...

When I saved and closed the project after placing a plugin on Desktop 2, all of my plugins moved to desktop 2 when reopening the project.


Forgot to add David. Thanks for the work around. I can reset from the Controls menu.

So probably a bug.


Okay, a little more testing... I removed the plugins and then re-added them to the first window and then saved the project, closed the project, and reopened the project. At that point, all of the plugins were on the first desktop.

Anyway, hopefully that works out for you Perry and gives DJ some more information to check to see if it is a bug or meant to function this way. Maybe it is an issue with where the first plugin is placed or something. IDK but, this is what I discovered.


It's not a bug. I answered the question above.


With respect DJ, you said 'when project is saved, plugins will always load to desktop 1' That clearly is not the case. And the option to move them back is not available unless you reset all windows. Unless I am using the software incorrectly is this not a bug?


So, I just opened a new project and did the following steps.

  1. Add API.AI plugin while viewing Desktop 1
  2. Switch to Desktop 2
  3. Added the Microsoft Cognitive Emotion plugin.
  4. Saved the project
  5. Closed ARC.
  6. Opened ARC

All plugins had moved to desktop 2.

Next I removed the plugins and added API.AI and the Bing Speech Recognition plugin while viewing desktop 1.

I saved the project and exited the project. I then opened ARC and the project. Both plugins were on desktop one. I then added a plugin to desktop 2 (IFTTT Sender) and then saved the project while looking at desktop 2. Closed ARC and reopened it and loaded the project.

All of the plugins were on desktop 2.

I made sure that I was on Desktop 1 and saved the project and then closed ARC and then reopened and opened the project.

All plugins had moved to desktop 1.


It looks like the desktop that you are viewing when you save the project is where all of the plugins get moved to. This is the observation from the above tests.


I just confirmed this. Thanks a lot. Basically always switch to desktop 1 before you save the project and the plugins will load to desktop 1. Don't ever save your project from desktop 2 or you will lose control of your plugins.


I would just say to be on Desktop one when saving before closing your project. I don't often use multiple desktops in ARC but see where it would be very useful and will probably start using it more. Put your plugins on Desktop one and then other less used controls on other desktops. When you save, switch to desktop one and you should always have your plugins in the same place.

In the event that you do save on another desktop, all you have to do is be on desktop one, and then save, close and reopen the project and the plugins will move back to desktop one.


Great. Thanks a lot. Perhaps this is not a bug but a peculiarity. I can live by those rules