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Asked — Edited

Bing Speech Plugin

I began to test the plugin
Very catastrophic results in french
Is there an option for language

Thanks for help


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Does not support French at this time.
The latest version supports a number of languages, including french.
thanks for all DJ , I will test to day
I'm just also investigating in Cortana Speech Regognition .
I have tested the Dictation Mode in an UWP application and the recognition rate is not so bad
But it is only available IN UWP applications
So I'm testing an UWP application as vocal recognition Server connected to an EZB plugin in TCP Mode
I will share if it is successful
It's the same backend service from Microsoft - why not use the bing plugin as per topic of this discussion? It's a complete integration, not requiring tcp connections and uwp secondary application.
it is completely free not just some months try I think it is a good argument
I have tested the bing plugin in french.
The recognition is very very good better than Cortana API
I will use I think the service
Bing is free as well for 5,000 requests a month. That's 161 requests per day...

It's great:)
Yes it's great but I will continue my test
Have fun continuing your tests!