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Bing Speech Api Changing?

I just received this email from Azure. Wonder what the changes are and will EZB support the new configuration.

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I just noticed that is a year away so maybe not so important.


Sure this is important and frustrating. This shows me what can happen if I rely on something "out there in the cloud and out of my control" that operates a major part of my robot. If it's not on board and and stored and operated by my computer l could end up with a pile of junk that does nothing. tired


Why is it frustrating? Does it not work for you?


Bing Speech API works great with EZ Robot. I love it. I'm frustrated that they are retiring Bing Speech API and it seems like I may have to scrap my present setup.

Is the Speech Services and Speech SDK that they say to migrate to supported by EZ Robot? I'm uneasy that I'll be able to understand these and how they work If supported. If I am able to use these services with my EZ setup I'm worried they won't perform as well as Bing Speech API.

I guess in the end I guess I just like change much even though it always seems to turn out for the best. ;)


Slow down Dave. You might be overthinking this. The change is over a year away and it may be something stupid like a simple name change. Regardless, in the years time I think the EZR team will change the plugin for us. They won't leave us hanging.


I too got the notice from Microsoft and I too echo Dave's concern's with feeling the pinch of frustration of building and relying on things that are subject to changes that we don't get to control. It is frustrating but as robot builders these are the tools and technologies we use and the way they change and mature we have to adapt to that.

And I Echo Perry, when I was frustrated at the change notice I received from Microsoft I realized like Perry said, the change and cut off time is a year away. And I had the same thought as Perry that within the next year DJ or someone else will spin up the required API change to Microsoft's new Speech Service tool.


Well said. I'm sure everything will be just fine. Either way it will be fun working through this.