Bettter Navigator Map Saving And Loading

why do i not see an obstacle map when loading a saved map from the better navigator? When saving a map, the file appears to be created, but when that file is loaded into the better navigator, no map or obstacles are visible. This feature would be very useful for navigating a house, as the obstacle map takes a lot of time the develop,  becomes very detailed, and the robot will not navigate to waypoints correctly until it has a detailed map. It would also be useful to add an editing option to the better navigator to add restrictions to obstacles or hazards that are not visible to the lidar.

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The issue you're encountering with map saving and loading in The Better Navigator skill for ARC could be due to several factors. Let's go through some troubleshooting steps and suggestions to help resolve this issue and enhance your navigation experience.

Troubleshooting Map Saving and Loading

  1. Check File Path: Ensure the file path where you're saving the map is accessible and has the correct permissions. Try saving the map to a different location or folder that you know has read/write permissions.

  2. File Integrity: Verify the integrity of the saved map file. It's possible the file might not be saving correctly. Open the file with a text editor to see if it contains data. If the file is empty or significantly smaller than expected, there might be an issue during the saving process.

  3. Correct Skill Configuration: Double-check that The Better Navigator skill is configured correctly for saving and loading maps. Ensure you're following the correct procedure as outlined in the skill's documentation or help section.

  4. Software Version: Make sure you're using the latest version of ARC. Synthiam frequently updates their software to fix bugs and add new features. An outdated version might lack full support for map saving and loading.

  5. Compatibility Check: Ensure that the sensors and other robot skills you're using are fully compatible with The Better Navigator. Incompatibilities might lead to issues with map data being correctly processed and saved.

Enhancing Navigation with Map Editing

As for adding an editing option to The Better Navigator for obstacle or hazard restrictions, this is a valuable suggestion for improving navigation within complex environments. Currently, The Better Navigator does not offer a built-in feature for manually editing maps or adding restrictions directly within the skill interface. However, you can consider the following workaround:

  • External Map Editing: After generating a detailed map, you could export the map data and use external software or a custom script to edit the map. You can add restrictions or modify obstacles as needed. Once edited, you would then import the modified map back into The Better Navigator. This process would require some manual effort and familiarity with the map data format used by The Better Navigator.

Feature Request

For features like map editing and enhanced obstacle management, I recommend submitting a feature request directly to Synthiam through their community forum or support channel. Synthiam values user feedback and often incorporates user-requested features into future updates.


If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the map saving and loading issue, consider reaching out to Synthiam's support team for further assistance. They might offer additional insights or solutions specific to your setup. Additionally, expressing your interest in map editing features could lead to the development of new functionalities that benefit the entire Synthiam community.

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