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Beginner To Novice Tutorials At Sparkfun

I grant you that this isn't my tutorial but rather a reference to tutorials. That being said, here ya go.:)

I was poking around the website and took a little time looking at what they have in the tutorials section. Quite a lot of it is illustrated well for beginners to novice. I thought I'd share this with our newer members but it's also a great refresher. It's may be a good reference for the commonly asked topics. Pull up resistors, current limiting resistors for LEDs, in depth coverage on serial terminal basics, voltage dividers, bluetooth basics, accelerometer basics,'s all there!

Tutorials at Sparkfun:D

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Nice post Troy. It's fair to say that I'm still pretty green. I've been into personal robotics and EZ for less than a year. I've read a bunch of these and they really helped me learn a lot about "the basics" of what we do here. Definitely worth checking out.


Thanks all. I believe in several sources of info. Sometimes it takes another person to describe the problem in a slightly different way in order to get that "Ah ha" moment.


Cool source for sure. , thanks for the link add.


@josh, no problem.:)

@DJ, is it possible to filter tutorials like the box you have to filter those requiring assistance?


OK Beginner and Novice are basically the same on the scale from beginner to expert. Is there a way to edit the title of this thread ?