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Before Ez-B

Here is something that I found a while ago that I thought people might get a kick out of.
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Go! This is an authentic relic, never ceases to amaze the human imagination regardless of the time.
New Zealand
Awesome.... A 'must show' to my students at school. Thanks @Danger!
I'm on my phone now. When I get back to my computer I'll find you a great link with many real robots from the turn of the century on.
Danger, can you post the link please?

Thanks for the link ! Looking at all these gives me a lot of design ideas.
Retro robots are my favorite:) I also really like anything old and retro. Specifically movies. There's a few good ones I watched recently that are cheesy and fun..

The Time Travelers!

Thanks for the link DJ. I like the old movies once in a while. I watched "Future World" the other day. It is being offered for free on Comcast. I clicked on this one to see what it was like, and ended up watching the whole thing. The ending was a bit unexpected.

I especially like the old "Twilight Zone" series.