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Be Back Soon

Hi all ive been offline for a few months now do to a mager move.
Im all moved now back working and just got a new win 10 note pad tablet:)
I moved with a backpack so i kept nothing other than my 3 EZ-Bs and my camera "been getting some great shots"
Im thinking about getting a 3d printer soon as i want to build a bot to hold the camera.
Just working on learning how to deal with win 10 and kill some things on it.
The first thing i did when looking at the computer while it was on the shelf was to see if i could install and run EZ-Builder.
It worked so the new comp is now mine:)
Soon i will be back.


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United Kingdom
I thought I hadn't seen you around for a while. Anyway, I hope you're good and take it easy buddy. Don't stay away too long.:)

Glad to hear you are working. Makes buying robot parts a lot easier. I have been liking Windows 10 a lot. Solves all the problems from Windows 8.x, works well with my touch screen laptop and a tablet. I think you will like it.

Here is a good article on how to de-junkify it: https://thomas.vanhoutte.be/miniblog/delete-windows-10-apps

Wolfie, glad to read your post and it's great your getting a 3D printer soon. Alan thanks for that URL, I just downloaded Win 10 on a Win 7 machine and a Win 8.1 as well. Maybe there are some cool pointers on Win 10.

EDIT: URL goes to a blank screen
Welcome back my friend! I need to make time to upgrade to Win 10. It's good to hear people like it.
Thank you all
The problem with working that it takes alottle of my time.
Then when im not working im to tired to play lol