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Battery Not Charging


I keep getting the battery is low message and when I try to charge it, it takes about 20 seconds to charge and I get a green light on the charger saying its ready. As I Turn it back on it starts with the "my battery is low again. I should also mention that the ez robot is right out of the box brand new. Double checked the Battery Care & Charging Video, and Read the FAQ and I haven't found a solution.

It should also be noted that we are using LiPo Battery Balancer Charger which only has 2 LEDs and not three. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

Checking the ARC windows app and looking for the bettery voltage, I might be reading it wrong but is says "EZ-B voltage is 0.432592608". Which I assume means its toast. Any ideas?



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Hi there @ScienceNorth, if you see Battery Care & Charging, there are different versions of battery chargers- pretty sure you have a Version 3! Please Contact Us to see about getting a replacement battery. :)


I am an I.T in an online store that sells dog supplies such as life jacket, training collars, crate and many moreThis was helpful, I have the same problem with the batteries not charging. Thanks for the information.;)


@DianaWelz That's awesome! Thank you for the feedback! :D



the batt charger verz 2,shows 3 red led flaching when a batt is dead. does verz 1 do something similar ?


it would be good to have some device to check your batteries.i had a six body where the batt was swollen.good that i saw it.the lid from the batt case was bended,supose i didn saw this and i charge the batt.not good .with the verz 2, you can test your batt.


If the battery does not charge, or hold a charge properly, then you can be pretty sure that it is dying, or may be dead- don't need a light to tell you that! :)

Maintaining proper battery usage and charging practices will prolong the life of your battery, and will make sure that you are being safe as well- which is the most important!


I am having battery issues as well - I charge the device, then I turn it on and hear an odd clicking sound (lights flashing on pin board). Makes about 10 clicks, then says "battery is low". It then turns off. Any ideas? I am dealing with Roli.


Thanks, the battery is not puffy, looks normal... I notice the pin board is a little loose, could this be a possible reason?


if the batt looks normal the only way i see is if the batt is to low on voltage. they will not charge anymore.

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Thanks, it does say "my battery is low", but never seems to get a charge.

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What’s the voltage of the battery? Easiest way to tell is connect to the EZ-B v4 and add the ezb info control: i think you mean the ezb when you type pin board. That’s the brain of the robot - super important part. If the pins aren’t bent it will cause a short. A pin would only get bent with misuse. Keep an eye on that:) robot abuse is a thing! Okay, maybe not but keep an eye on it anyway haha


CPU Temperature: 33.03 Celcius Input Voltage: read around 3 I believe...

Roli will only power on for about 5 seconds before dieing:(

I will keep an eye on the pins... my little guys are pretty responsible, but some of them are only 8...

Am taking them to an event called "Expo of Awesome" tomorrow - still the only school in our district to have these guys.


Looks like you’ll need a new battery:)