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Batterie Safety

wel i had a bad week with i wanted to tell my experiants. the batts we use here has a sort seal ( stamp ) that warns you , for excample is bad or worn out.on one side is a sort off sticker, and it has little wires behind who you cant see when the bat is good. but when the batt is swelling the seal ( stamp ) expand and the, little wires become exposed.that tells you not to use that batt, anymore,the batt becomes dangerous.

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That is correct. Great job nomad. These details are also presented on the battery tutorial page, which can be found here:

The terms of use for ARC and mobile app explains the same details and directs users to the tutorial page for additional information. There are photos of a swollen/puffy battery for comparison on the tutorial page as well.


isaw the tutorial but not the little wires