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Bandwidth Usage In Forum

Just a little FYI. I have found that, because of the surveillance cameras being broadcast over the forum webpage, that I take a sizable hit on my available bandwidth. It's about 65K. With only about 300K or so (DSL) available to me in the first place, that is a sizable chunk. I like to park on the Forum page while pulling up the various threads in a separate windows/tabs.

I found, however, that if I click "Search" with nothing in the Keywords box, I get the same list of latest topics in the same order. All the fun with none of the wasted bandwidth.


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That's a great tip for mobile users. I read the forum while on the train going to and from work. I am willing to bet this is a major portion of my mobile data use.


You're welcome. I hadn't even thought about mobile users.

Strange how these things work out though. I just happened to scroll down to the bottom on the forum page and noticed a button labeled "View All". I never noticed or paid attention to it before, but when I clicked it I found it did the same thing. Odd finding it just after I posted this topic. Oh well, two ways to do it I guess.
@DJ Sures
Ah yes, I see. Thank you.