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That's a dude I attempted to befriend on trossenrobotics a while back. I think his R/C robots are fantastic, but like most of the people on that website, they're not very friendly:( It's too bad, because it is such a neat robot idea! I would have loved to see what he could do with EZ-Robot combined with his creativity and engineering skills. Using the features we have, his robots would be even more awesome!

Thanks for sharing the video:)
Thats a lot of engineering in that ball bot! The way he makes it move is almost like a dance.... robo-dance.. I wonder if I could make one? Yea DJ I also noticed the guys at trossen like to keep to themselves when I was trying to get specifics on my EZ Robot mechs completing in their mech games at maker fair. - Josh
Oh and these guys arent wild about me using the EZ Cams because of possible interference with their router. I am going to try to directly contact someone in charge and send him a cam for testing to get ez robot equipment approved.