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Back And Blown Away

After switching a couple new jobs and after a few computer crashes over a few years i finally stepped back into the ezrobot forums and wow how things have changed... Im blown away.

I was moving a few boxes and found my old friend omnibot and his ezboard v3 guts hanging out and thought id start back in and build a few more parts. When i checked back in here it was amazing to see how far everything has rocketed ahead of where i remember it.

So much to figure out and relearn.

Im going to save my penny's for the new board because its just that awesome and im 17% done with my first JD part :-)

I just wanted to say hello again.



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Thanks jdebay I just watched zipper do his dance and now i need to build one of those too Thats awesome.

I only have about 30 unused servos i can see ill be running out of those. And my printer is going to see allot of action.


look at mini-zipper project he uses v3 stuff. he was my v3 six until i got six.

look at the servo Controls - Auto Positioner, that what makes it work. happy building.

j :D


Yep i subbed you on youtube and watched allot of your cool robot video's.

I finished the first jd print and it turned out great. Ive not really had good luck printing things with allot of support but recently changed slicer's to cura and it worked beautiful. I-SOBOT'S wants new shoes User-inserted image

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