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WOW! That is one neat looking 80's robot. I recognize what looks to be a Big Trak toy motor in the base. I have 2 of those motors from my youth for a (failed) robot you could build out of Boy's Life magazine.
I saw that last night(what ever time of day it was for you you 14 hours ago :P) while randomly looking on ebay and loooved the look of it. Decided to put a quick bid, see if can snag it for not to high of price :)
NICE! I'm jealous if u get it. That is a seriously mint robot for the EZ-B . Unreal!!
Ended up going waaay over my max bid!Darn christmas spending making me have to hold back a bit on bidding:P But ended up winning a Buster instead so can look forward to its arrival instead:)
Theres a full size called androbot, you can buy reproduction, basically resin reproductions like the originals without yellowing or brittleness