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Asked — Edited

Autoconnect Script, With Virtualrobot (And Digital)

Just to report a strange behavior with VirtualRobot in EZ Builder:

When I add a Digital (Input or Outpout) to the VirtualRobot, then the autoconnect script (ControlCommand("Connection", Connect0)) don't work anymore and connection failed, without any error message. manual connection in the "Connection" window is OK.

I have tested it directly in the EZ Builder Example: "Autoconnect"
- No Virtual Robot window => ok
- Virtual Robot window empty => ok
- Virtual Robot window with a servo added => ok
- Virtual Robot window with a Digital added => no connection with the Connect script

It's not really a big issue, but it took me some time to find out the problem in my project... so, if it happens for others, maybe it can help:)


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