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i've been trying to find something(video) about an auto-pilot through ez-b. is there such thing? please try to give a video link.


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What do you mean by auto-pilot? Autonomous? Freely roaming? Collision detection?
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It's not a simple one step process. You will need to set up the collision detection either using the built in controls or via ez-script. For the built in controls there are tutorial pages and each control has a ? button which directs you to the correct tutorial page.

Once that is set up, running and working as it should you need to set up a way for the robot to move. The personality generator can handle this or, again, EZ-Scripts or a combination of both.

If it's just to move forwards and "bounce" off of objects when it detects collision it's pretty straight forward but if you want it to do more you will need to put more in to it.

What do you already have set up in your ARC project? I would suggest adding in and setting up all control and actions first then setting up the personality generator to have it carry out the actions randomly. It's all very well having it move forward, detecting an object, avoiding the object and moving forwards again but it will get pretty boring, but if that is what you want then a simple script with the addition of the collision detection controls can do this.


Goto (start)

This will loop around forever moving the robot forwards. The collision detection control will stop the robot and make it reverse and turn or just turn depending on the settings. Every 5 seconds the script will give the robot the forward command as (if I am not mistaken) the collision detection control stops the robot after the reverse/turn action.

You could expand on the script to build in the collision detection. If you have multiple sensors you could have it turn in the opposite direction of the object it's detected, have it attracted to specific colours and scared of other colours... the options are almost infinite.

These are just some examples and the code is very basic and primitive but hopefully enough to give you an idea and some food for thought.

You could also check the examples in ARC and in the EZ-Cloud or look in the showcase for other robots built by others for ideas.