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Auto Position Wont Work With Second Ez-B Board.

I have no trouble getting the Auto Position to work on my first EZ-B for my humanoid, but there is no way to tell the software to use my second EZ-B. When you add the servos you can't tell it to use servos from the second board.

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Autoposition was not designed for a second EZ-B.


So I need a different computer to run the second board as 0 and the robot will only be able to have 20 servos total?


AutoPosition is only for the first EZ-B, as it was designed to control 20 servos. AutoPosition was not designed to control more than 20 servos. Consider creating scripts for positioning.

Also, a future release of ARC includes the ability to have Multiple AutoPositioner controls that can be assigned to different EZ-B's (but not movement). The entire AutoPositioner of the future release is assigned to an EZ-B (not servos).


@mcsdaver, while this probably won't solve your issue, you can experiment with it... I found I can run multiple instances of ARC on one computer... I would imagine that by linking each one via its own Bluetooth dongle you could run two EZ-Bs simultaneously on the same PC (EDIT - in a way that allows "multiple" single use controls). I only have one EZ-B so haven't been able to play with that brainstorm myself :(.

I don't see any easy way of sharing data between them though... except perhaps simple on/off signals via Digital ports? Or possibly I2C?

I have had multiple instances of ARC speaking and responding to each other... sounded like my computer was suffering from multiple personality disorder :P


I will see how much I can do with the first 20 servos used in Auto Position and the second EZ-B doing other stuff. The mouth wont need Auto Position as it will be moved by the sound or scripts. I want my android to walk and that will need Auto Position for every leg servo. The arms will be needing Auto Position also. I have the android making faces now, so I need to make another video. Sadly I haft to work tomorrow and all weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all.