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Auto Connect Using Pc Timer

Looked at the Autoconnect using voice. Can someone give an example of how to turn on the connection via the PC clock. I've looked at the "waituntiltime" function but cannot figure it out.

Thanks for any assistance.


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Update _ Whilst autoconnect by telling your computer to connect to your EZ-B verbally is nifty, it still requires input from the operator. I've wanted Bob to come ALIVE and do things then go to sleep at certain times whilst I'm not around (as a sentinel guarding the house at odd hours at night or early morning) . For this I bought a 12 VOLT digital timer ($16) that operates a relay. Power to the robot at designated times is a great idea but you still need to get the Board to talk to the computer. I finally worked it out using software called "Mouse and Keyboard Recorder". There are many out there, download one and use it to record your mouse clicks to open up ARC and connect to your robot.

Make sure it has a schedule and save funtion so that you can replay your clicks at a set time and date. This software is awesome - there almost no limit to what you can do with it.

I simply synchronized the timer that turns Bob on about 30 seconds before the Mouse recorder is scheduled to come on and "whala" - "Bob comes alive and will follow click instructions as if I was there clicking away on the mouse. Finally the digital timer kicks in and Bob shuts down - waiting for the next time he is scheduled to wake up again.

This is a great idea if you want to save power and just have the robot on when you need him (or her).


Beside the script editor is the manual for EZ-Script. Each command is documented with an example. In your case, this will help you..

This example will connect to the robot at 2:30 PM and disconnect at 3:00 PM. It will loop for ever


  # Connect
  WaitUntilTime(14, 30)
  ControlCommand("Connection", Connect0)

  # Disconnect
  WaitUntilTime(15, 00)
  ControlCommand("Connection", DisConnect0)



Thats Great ..thanks, that little bit of code is a real "derr" for me - I kind of figured waituntiltime worked with the simple ControlCommand but couldn't get it working. My other discovery is a bonus, it's kind of strange having beakfast and watching the mouse pointer dancing around ARC like a ghost.