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Audio Special Effect Voice On The Fly

I am trying to take existing software and create special effect Windows voices on the fly.

I am presently using a program called Voxal that runs on windows that can take your voice on a mic and add special effects on the fly. What you say is changed to what you want to sound like as you speak.

The question I have is how to get Microsoft David voice to feed into Voxal and then how to distribute the voxal modified output to my robot.

This will allow anyone to use any voice or text and modify it on the fly.

Got any ideas?


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Thank you Jeremie.  This is what I was thinking but probably need software solution so I can use Ezb, Windows and Bluetooth.


I have had good results using the old widows program Cylonix used on my Mini pc Latte Panda, or the newer app for Iphones called Qneo Voice Express and you will need a better microphone Amp such as the Irig/Irig2 from apple store .

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I recently downloaded this powerful software as I’m doing the same thing you are. Also on latte panda. It works great, there are a few milliseconds delay but I’m using it with sapi5 voices not live voice so works well. It allows you to remap your sound card input/output settings. Not freeware ,but costs 30 bucks to use it cripple free. Also be forewarned...once you install and add serial it’s locked to just that computer. I learned the hard way, by installing it on my desktop to test with, only to find I had to buy another serial to put on the latte panda. Could not move it. EDIT: I should read the topic before I You have to remap the input. I’m away from my home today. But will look at the settings when I get home and let you know, it’s easy once you know how. I had to spend sometime and experimentation to figure it out.


Sorry have had a very very long week and just getting around to this.

So this is a bit of a pain and a bit of a work around but it works with SAPI voices.

Open Voxal:

  1. Open Options and a window will pop up to choose whats going to be the recorder and playback.
  2. "Preview Recording device" is what we want.
  3. Choose "open windows recorder mixer".
  4. Since we want windows voices and not our own voice don't pick line in or microphone, instead choose "Stereo Mix"
  5. Preview playback device can be set to where ever your speakers are set up, in my example i have audio coming out the speakers on my monitor via HDMI. (ON PURPOSE I CHOSE ANOTHER DEVICE SO AS TO NOT TRY TO RECORD AND PLAYBACK FROM SAME DEVICE) re-mapping can get weird.
  6. Now choose "Listen to the voice effect as you speak"
  7. Now click preview. The above will save as default when you everytime you open the last voice effect will be chosen.

You will now have the effect added to anything that is playing internally. So open ARC pick a SAPI voice and type in a phrase to hear the effect added. Now the obvious problem is having to press "preview" to start the whole thing going every time you boot your robot.

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Your such an asset to all of us Will. Thanks for being so willing to help out and share your hard work. As usual, awesome information. I know it was hard learned.


Thanks Dave....i spend alot of time trying to solve my problems, glad that my results can help others!