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Attn Everyone , Need Little Rubber Wheels That Cone With Ezb Kit

Hey guys , I know lots of.us have the little rubber wheels from the kit that most are not using but I may have a use as idler pulley for keeping my.rubber tracks.tight. if anyone has a couple email me pls. Thanks. Kandyred@gmail.com


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josh i see the rubber wheels are different then basic stamp boe-bot i had for you,
will this work for you from lynxmotion
User-inserted image

track spocket
No because these are not segmented tracks they are just rubber belts a sprocket won't work , I need somthing smooth.
yes you are right forgot about it,i bought those tracks for my johnny five robot
LYNXMOTION does sell the full johnny five kit,i bought parts seperate because i made him better and stronger and with a cpu board,it a big project so far $1600 and about 90% done,working on encoder system for the tracks

i will look to see if i can find any wheels that might work,since i build alot of robots and have rc cars for parts and to make palm pilot controlled car,looking at my large batmobile to use EZB board ,its over 3 feet long
If you need boe-bot wheels, you can make some out of peanut butter lids and rubberbands.

Lol thanks man I'm just going to buy lynxmotion parts to make my tracks , it won't be bad , 50 to 60 bucks if I can get away with using my stock motors.
lynxmotion tracks are great i have both sizes of tracks one on my johnny five ,and 3 inch one using to make my own frame like johnny five but about half the size of the real one,but better then lynxmotion johnny five kit