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Assembling Video Revolution Roli

can someone please upload an assembling video of revolution roli?


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United Kingdom

What's wrong with the instructions in ARC? They will be clearer than any video and if/when you get stumped you can mention the exact point at where you are stumped.


can i also see the instructions on the android app?


No, the instructions are PC only at this time. The Android app supports a limited subset of the ARC capabilities. You can't do any designing of your robot capabilities in Android. You design on the PC, then upload your app to the cloud, download it to your Android and can then use Android to control the robot.



Please press the LEARN button on the top of this website. Also, when you load ARC there is a Popup that directs you to tutorials. Unless you have selected to stop showing it?

The instructions on how to build all robots, calibrate servos, charge batteries, etc are included in the LEARN section.