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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Arduino Question

Does the Arduino uno have to remain connected to usb windows pc to work sensors etc? Can the ez builder work without usb wire connected to Arduino eg through WiFi etc
how would it work

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Yes, theoretically if your Bluetooth or WiFi UART module can appear on your computer as a COM port you should be able to have wireless capabilities. 

@DJ should be able to confirm for you.
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Yah - but if you’re gonna work so hard to use WiFi or Bluetooth with an arduino, it’ll be cheaper and easier to use an ezrobot iotiny or ezrobot ezb v4 or esp32

mainly if you use the ezrobot controllers, you get video AND audio... check the getting started guide for controller compatibility. 

otherwise, guess it depends on what arduino WiFi or Bluetooth shield you’re using and how it connects. You’ll want it connected pass through serial on the first uart. If those answers sound complicated, the ezrobot controller are plug’n’play and might be better up your alley. Plus they offer more features
United Kingdom
Thnx for speedy answer - all is now clear.