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Arduino Ibt_2 H-Bridge

I'm curious if anyone has used the Arduino IBT_2 Motor Controller with EZBv4

User-inserted image

It looks like I share the ground, can power the motors with my 6 vdc SLA bat attached to Vcc, attach R_EN and L_EN to each other and to 5.5v, then use RPWM and LPWM on digital out ports to control Fwd/Rvs movement of the motors.

Any experiences with any of this?



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Pretty sure I found what I needed here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=5664

RPWM High and LPWM Low to move forward
RPWM Low and LPWM High to move in reverse
R_EN and L_EN connected together and tied to 5.5V (High) to enable this
R_IS and L_IS are optional current monitoring pins
VCC = 6 to 27 VDC
GND = shared ground
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Have a read of this also to get a little more understanding of how the H-Bridge works.

User-inserted image

I may be wrong but I believe this H-Bridge will only operate one motor.

There's a bit more info on the controller here

Also, have a read of teh datasheet
@Rich great to see you on here again! Welcome back man! ....Maybe you've always been here and I haven't been on enough.

@Mayaway I have used those H-bridges successfully with the inMoov's wheel chair base. @Rich is correct, one of these H-bridges will operate only one motor.

Enable lines can be 3.3V activated I believe (regular EZ-B digital I/O).
That's a nice little controller for a LOT of amps at a good price. Even needing 2 of them is still better price than the common high amp alternatives, Sabertooth, Roboclaw or Parrallax HB25. (of course, they take more ports, but still, a nice looking option).

anybody else have a wheelchair ( scooter) base and these IBT-2's ?
I would like to learn some coding and generally collaborate,

like a good choice for a stepper motor controller for the waist action,

User-inserted image
There hasn't been a lot of talk about using stepper motors with EZ Robot. I haven't really seen anyone showcase a way to do this or offer a controller that worked for them (unless I missed something which is totally possible *eek* ).
There's a thread somewhere where I made an example program for driving steppers with a L298 motor driver but I'd have to look it up.
Thanks Alan! You are the man!