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Ar Drone Control

I am trying to use the ARC software to control my ar.drone and it works but ten seconds after I start camera it locks up the software. In your film what firmware are you using on the drone? I tried following all of the steps in your video but the software locks up before I can change the camera settings.

I just rewatched your video, Duh, I need a movement board. Now where can I find one of those...


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Well, after doing a bit of research on here I was able to find this explanation on the movement panel,
Ar Drone Movement Panel.

Now where do I buy one of those Dj Sures? I looked all over the website and cannot find it.


ok, so is it just a standard EZ-B v3 Bluetooth Robot Controller connected to computer but not connected to the Drone?

ps. I still would like to know what firmware the Ar Droid was flashed with.
I don't think you need an EZ-B at all. The Movement Panel is not hardware, it is one of the software widgets in ARC. Watch Dj's video. He shows you exactly what to do.


You will need an EZ-B for the motion detection part. If you press the Question Mark icon in the AR Drone Movement Panel Control, it will explain why. It has to do with the code depending on the EZ-B for timing related reasons. I'll be doing a video shortly with how to merge the EZ-B to the Drone for awesomeness.

In the meantime, get the latest ARC released today. It has a bug fix with the camera control. Sometimes the Drone will slow its transmission and cause socket timeouts. I handle those better now. I didn't have a problem until today during a demo.
Do you need a EZ-B to use the camera without motion tracking? As when ever I turn the camera on with todays build ARC crashes.
Crashes? What does it say when it crashes? What operating system? What are your computer specifications?

If there is a bug, i'll need to isolate the cause of it. It works on the 3 computers that we use for softwar testing. I'm unsure what could cause it to crash for you.
After a reboot ARC no longer hangs when I press the "camera on" button in the ar drone movement panel. Instead after connecting the ar drone and pressing the camera on button when I try to open the "Camera Device" I get an unhandled exception error. The full error message is at
The system is Windows Seven x64, i5 2600 processor with 8 GB of ram.
Thanks for the quick reply btw
I'm having trouble understanding your second sentence. If you could re-type that, it would help:)

Do you have any camera devices on your system?
You know what? I just realized that i've never once had the code tested on a machine without a webcam. Up until now, no one would ever run the camera control if they didn't have a webcam installed locally on their computer. But since the AR Drone is a new device, this issue would have never come up before.

That was the problem. Download the latest version, it will work for you.
Is the connection to the AR Drone bluetooth or WiFi?

I know the flight time is about 15 minutes, but do you knoow the standby time (poweed up and ready, but not flying)? Do you know its max flight speed? Having some thoughts of a mobile neighborhood watch bot, using the drone as a remote sensor when i need a quick closer look at something.


When developing, i didn't have much flight time. It would sit on the floor for about 2.5 hours before the battery died and it would not fly. I've ordered some high amp batteries for replacement
Cool, thanks. I think that would work for my new design.
Thanks for the fix DJ, much appreciated. I didn't have a camera device attached.
I'm now gonna get the A.R. Drone 2.0 when it comes out in a few months! It will be fun trying EZ-B with multiple BlinkM leds and some EL wire. There are a few cool youtube videos with strip LED mods that inspired me!
Cant wait for the new one with HD 720 camera. :D