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Ar Drone Color Tracking Using Bottom Camera

I have tried to use ez builder for color tracking and following of object using arDrone 2.0 front camera and it works. I want to use the video feed from the bottom camera, to track a moving car. How can i change the code to use in this way? Please look into the matter.


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United Arab Emr
I want to track a moving car using bottom camera. ARC is able to track the movement using front camera. But when i select bottom camera the drone moved upwards when the car moves front and downward when it moves back. I think the sideward tracking is fine. I found the camera device panel is sending wrong signals to ar drone movement panel. Please help me out on this. I would like to explore more on it. Is it possible to edit or customise ar drone movement or navigation panel? Also i couldn't understand how to work with scripts yet.

I am working in uae university. On behalf of the university, I would like to explore more about your products and would like to take an initiative to introduce your products and softwares to the students as part of their Graduation Project work.

Looking forward to hear from you. I would like to have a conversation with you in skype regarding the issues. My Skype id is mashooda2 . I humbly request you to look into the matter.
There is no "matter" or "issue" for ez-robot to look into. Use the incredible customization ability of EZ-Script for your specific application. You can customize the tracking code using EZ-Script.

Visit the Tracking Start and Tracking End scripts in the camera control. Use the EZ-Script variables for your own custom tracking behaviors.

1) Press CONFIG on Camera Control
2) Ensure MOVEMENT TRACKING is DISABLED (unchecked) becuase your code will override the tracking method.
3) Select SCRIPTS
4) Add this example code to the Tracking Start...



IF ($IsCameraActive = false)

IF ($CameraHorizontalQuadrant = "Right")
ELSEIF ($CameraHorizontalQuadrant = "Left")

IF ($CameraVerticalQuadrant = "Top")
ELSEIF ($CameraVerticalQuadrant = "Bottom")




*Disclaimer: code may require tweaking for your application.

The AR Parrot Drone is not an EZ-Robot product. It is a third party robot supported by the software for free, and therefore support is limited to community response. You can find EZ-Robot products in the store on this website by clicking the Products menu item. If you have any questions regarding ez-robot product education packages (not AR Drone Support), use the Contact Us feature.

EZ-Robot will be happy to discuss education packages of ez-robot products or bundles.

*Note: do not use the Contact Us for AR Drone support, as it is not an ez-robot product. There will not be a response to requests for AR Drone support using contact us.

Every control has a ? (question mark) next to the X (close) - as defined in the ARC software when it loads, and in the popup of ARC. Pressing the ? (Question mark) on the ar parrot drone control will display the manual page, which also includes the disclaimer that support is not provided for 3rd party products. Here is a direct link for your convenience: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=160
United Arab Emr
Thank you very much Mr Sures for the code. It works really fine now. I would also like to maintain a height between the drone and the car of 1 meter. How can i add that into the script? also how can i include the movement up and down tracking to the following code?
Can an ARC mobile app be used to control the parrot robot and will color tracking with the parrot camera work in mobile app? Thanks much.... Rick