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Well, I can answer my own question now. I just received my Drone 2.0 and was able to connect to it from the ARC AR Drone control. One problem is that the camera control will not display video from the Drone. I am able to fly the Drone using a Joystick control, but it seems like the left-right and up-down controls are reversed. I need to do more experimenting.

One thing that isn't supported is the new Absolute Control mode of the Drone 2.0, where all movement is relative to the pilot, rather than to the drone. This mode makes it so much easier to fly, so I hope DJ will add this soon.

Is anyone else using a Drone 2.0?



i also use the drone 2.0 and i tried to use the camera but it does not work too :(

ps : sorry for my bad english, i'm french blush


I've contacted AR Parrot again today to see if we can obtain a 2.0 to add support. It would be good if they returned my calls:)


HI I am also using a drone 2.0 and I have not succeeded in getting the camera to work. is there help on the way?

PS. I love EZ-B v3. I have 3 boards. thanks for the effort


Hi DJ,

I'd like to help push towards AR.Drone 2 full compatibility by attempting to fill in any gaps in your available info, as best I can through direct examination of my v.2.0 drones. The main diff between drone 1 and 2 is that v.2 is able to record video to an on-board USB memory stick, this likely drives the changes in how the devices video support is plumbed.

If you can give me some idea of what you need from the actual hardware (file system contents, video output files, datastream pcaps, etc) I will try to accomodate as best I can. If need be I could make my hardware available to you over the internet for your own examination if the inherent limitations of that approach aren't a total dead-end.

In short, tell me what you desire or require to upgrade the EZ-ROBOT product for full AR.Drone 2.0 video support, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks! sbaughmn (at) mac (dot) com

P.S. Nice academic paper on Drone v.1 navigation and control tech enclosed...


I'll take a look locally and see if there is one I can buy at our local hobby store chain


They are cheap on ebay usually, I have a few friends including my roomate waiting on ezrobot to support the drone 2.0 for them to get one.


Dj my roomate is a dealer with parrot. They make auto accessories and might be able to help on that front. Otherwise the direct to customer line is .... slow and thats retail.


Yo D to the J,

I stumbled across this link that seems to be a starting point for some comprehensive info on extracting 2.0 video with some java classes....

The meat of the info seems to be contained in a comprehensive discussion thread linked in that article. Good luck & hope you find this somehow useful.



Any update on using the AR Drone 2.0 and ARC ? I tried the AR done panel and on pressing the connect button. It changes to Disconnect. But no video and no response from the AR drone to any command from ARC. Is there some trick to make the AR drone actually connect ? Kind of annoyed because I thought 2.0 would work. Watching your video I did not actually realize you were playing with an obsolete 1.0

  • heliboy

Update ... on last post. I was able to connect to the AR Drone and get it to take off etc. But no video feed. So, some progress.

  • heliboy