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Ar Drone 2.0 Compadability And Setup

want to put ez-robot on my ar drone 2.0. want to know if it's compadible first. then i want to know how to set it up. does it scar your drone so you can't turn it back to and ar drone from a bot?


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Hey dj. will it become supported in the future? Why cant the drone 2 work with ez-robot? software?
Thanks @Technopro:) Parrot changed the protocol dramatically. Now they haven't published much update on it. The forum has no activity... Not many people support the 2.0 because they haven't engaged the community. We have one, but it hasn't been a high priority due to our ongoing development of our new product EZ-Robot Revolution (which also flies)
is there a new area to view this stuff or is it all still here? haven't seen much activity either. and what is ez-robot revolution?
The community forum is very active. We have many friends that visit daily - and thousands of unique visitors per day:)

As for information of what features are supported, there is a tutorial section and Release notes. When you download ARC, it checks for new versions also.

What about reverse engineering it DJ ,i got so many projects working on
IT will be awhile before i get into it.
I have AR drone 1.0 and getting ready to buy the AR DRONE 2.0 it looks a lot better and added alot

DAM another robot to buy,i really need to buy another bigger house soon,i am looking at 5 bedroom house,.that would make it #75 robots to date