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Ar Drone 2.0 - Can't See The Camera Video Stream


I'm trying to play with the EZ builder software (2012.06.20.00) and my new AR Drone 2.0 robot. I was able to use the Movement Panel to control my robot, however I do not see an image coming from the robot's camera.

I do see the AR Drone option in the camera control Video Device dropdown (after I connect to my robot using the movement panel), however I still see no image when I select it.

I believe I'm using the latest firmware for my Drone.

Also, do I need to buy the EZ-B or any other hardware if I want to implement color and face detection using my robot?



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@mnarinsky hey there. We don't have an AR Drone 2.0 - so i'm not sure what works and what doesn't. Apparently, the video doesn't work:) Thanks for the update!
@DJ Sures Hello! Thanks for the prompt reply!! Any suggestions how I can debug this issue using the SDK??

Also, do I need to buy any additional EZ-B hardware if I want to hook voice recognition control, color detection, face detection, and http server to my AR Drone robot?


Is it safe to assume that we will eventually have full support of the v2.0 Drone, or is it dependent on Parrot or someone else providing one to you?

I am very close to making a purchase. I really want to have the capabilities of the v2.0 for a non robotics related project, but the prices on eBay for the 1.0 are pretty good right now, so knowing whether I will eventually be able to use it with my EZ-B may trump the other project.


Ya eventually it'll be there:)
Thanks. I think I am going to go for it then. My wife and I have several GoPro camera's (she worked for REI so we got pro-deals) and we do a lot of video of our mountain biking. I want to use the AR Drone to capture some aerial footage of us.

Otherwise, I mostly want it for the robotic integration. One of the things I want to do when I finish my big bot is have it go on my neighborhood watch patrols for me, and having the drone able to take off from the robot to get up close to something I want to see would be really cool.

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Hi there, thought I'd resurrect this thread. I'm currently having the same problem with my AR Drone 2.0. I'm in the the process of developing demonstrations for a robotics show and I'd really like to use the color tracking capabilities within ARC.

I'm hoping to run these demonstrations next month, so time is of the essence for me. Is there any short-term workaround that I can employ to have the AR Drone 2.0 color tracking within that timeframe?

Thanks very much!

Hello, there is no timeframe for the Drone 2.0 support
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Thanks for the swift reply, I'll try and find an alternative.
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hey guys. the new ARC how to connect Ar drone 2.0. So I have a ARC update vision 2014.02.03.
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Please only ask the question once, it will be answered. Posting the same thing in multiple topics only brings old topics to the top of the recent posts which doesn't help anything.

Drone 2.0 support is not yet added to ARC, if you read above you can see DJ has mentioned it is coming but there is no idea of a timeframe for the support. Since that was almost 18 months ago we can assume support may not come of may be quite some time still. I believe there was little to no support for the 2.0 from Parrot which didn't help.

In short, 2.0 support is not there. You may be able to use parts of the 2.0 by trying the control for the AR Drone 1.0.