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Ar Drone 2.0

I know that ARC isn't compatible with ar drone 2.0.

Has anyone been able to create ar drone 2.0 compatibility?

If not this is where it starts!


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United Kingdom
Unless DJ adds support to ARC there is nothing anyone else can do. The only way would be to use the SDK and since very few use it I don't imagine support being added.

Plus I am pretty certain that I've seen a post from DJ on the subject and the manufacturers were not very forthcoming with help for supporting it.
ok well I was just thinking, and you know how there is the "Sendserial" command? well, is there a command like that that lets you tell it which COM port to send the command too?

I'm downloading the ar drone 2.0 firmware and i'm going to find the camera coding.
how does DJ's ar drone v1 tool connect to the ar drone? could someone send me the connection protocol?
United Kingdom
Connection and control are through WiFi, the EZ-B doesn't connect to the drone directly. So the SendSerial command would not work, there is no port to specify and no serial commands.
If you re read you will notice I said "well, is there a command like that that lets you tell it which COM port to send the command too?" I ment like send serial but it sends via COM ports.

Also still waiting on a ar drone connection protocol.(anyone?)

EDIT: sorry, my laptop wasn't refreshed so I missed your last message. one thing is I really need that connection protocol from Dj. I want to get the camera supported.