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I know this is probably simple but i can't find it.

I have an project that uses ezbits. when i open the project it prompts for assembly instructions. How to get this to stop.

Also when loading a project from a short cut. the ARC does not prompt from calibration file.

I would be happy if i can just keep the assembly instructions from coming up . It is breaking the flow of interaction.


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There is probably an easier way, but I just tried this and it worked.

I created a new project, then merged in my existing project. When asked if I wanted to merge the 3D model, I said no, but then on the next dialog, I selected all of the other objects. The new project no longer prompts me for assembly instructions (I had deleted the 3D model object previously -- I thought -- but that didn't resolve it).

No idea about your second question. When I get my Roli and start playing with calibration I may figure it out, but it may require an ARC fix.



Look at the ARC preferences settings


Thanks so much that fixed that up @DJ Sures. I just didn't see that. :)


About loading from short cut.

I would like to have a ARC application short cut that can have the calibration settings stored in it so i loads automatically.

or another possible solution would be if you could load a calibration from script be give a file name.

I am really working hard to discover way of interacting with the bots and the ability to load a project and it run , unattended would be idea.

I am setting up a computer from the ground up to control EZ-Revolution robots.

So on boot up I would want to load up a ARC project and have it run with out prompt as this computer will be a server and in a closet.


There's another way the calibration will be working - i'm working on the new way, which you will like better.

The challenge with having you load it by a script is it cannot be saved with the file for sharing. If you make a project to share, the calibration would not apply to the other user. There are many logically challenges for EZ-Cloud distribution and fine tune profiles.

I have it taken care of and the new way will be done soon.



Look at the ARC preferences settings

Well, if you want to do things the easy way, sure....;)