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Anyone With Avast Virus Protection Read This

I spent half the day today wondering why I could not connect to the EZB v4. I kept getting 'connection failed system exception controller not responding' message. I have it in Adhoc and apparently Avast! virus protection updated and was not allowing me to connect. Once i turned it off it connected, back on wont connect. Just letting anyone else know with latest update if you use this software, there will be a connection issue.


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I use Avast on an old laptop that i have ARC installed on. This morning I updated ARC to the latest version. Upon installation Avast isolated "EZ-B Firmware Update.exe" dated 10/13.
This afternoon I installed ARC on another PC and checked the files with Bitdefender and Avast - no virus. Also the EZ-B Firmware file is now dated 10/14.
The above laptop had not been used for at least a week
No I did not have a drink till dinner tonight!