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Anyone Want To Sell Or Trade For Iotiny?

Hello all, as you probably saw I have a few educational robots that could really use some IOTINY boards. I am looking to buy or trade robots I have for them. I also am about to cast a resin kit for Farscape DRD robots and I could make that for trade. I can list various robots I have for trade if you like. Thanks !


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Also I have numerous sensors, voltage regulators and L298n H bridges


@Josh... you might have to wait a little as the first batch of ioTinys have just barely shipped... Few people (if any) have their ioTiny's yet...


I have a modified Roomba Platform in white, Roomba Discovery that uses the ps2 plug for control.

I have 9 ah 12volt Power sonic sla batteries

I have the Airsoft Robots I modified from before, those could be fun! Rattler and Cyler

I have three automatic electric airsoft guns in box

I have an Tyco NSECT 6 legged walking robot with dart launcher

Rad 1.0 robot unmodified

Robie Jr unmodified

Omnibot 2000 unmodified

Omnibot 2000 with Vacuum attached and lifted with Red paint job and sensors , upgraded drive system, 2 motors , 2 inch speakers built in. Plus lots of other extras


@ Richard, yeah thats probably true , but I would trade for the EZBv4 as well if someone has a extra they want to part with for something cool. I need to clean out my garage.:)


Josh, I just received one IOTiny... still in the packaging...

Would you trade for the Roomba?

You can email me at


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Josh are you talking about Jarvis? I love that bot, might have to trade anything you need if he's up for adoption.


Hi beetlesmart, yes Jarvis project is avail for adoption. He will come with some electronics, sensors , lcd screen in the belly , and other stuff too. No ezb though. He used the older V3 before we traded them in to get v4. However he does have a chip on the edge of the back of his neck so I can't say it's perfect condition but I'm sure you probably don't mind.:) he includes the gearbox and motor combo I built with the larger 12v motors that don't struggle to pull him around. If your looking for a big head start on a bigger robot he is a great place to begin with !

If you wanna work out somthing email me