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Anyone In London Or England Who Can Help Me?

Hey there everyone,

I've been building my first robot for some time now and it's far far far harder than I thought.

The programming part, I think I get and using ARC is getting easier. It's the glueing and positioning of the servos that I'm finding hard. He was working ok until I put his costume on and then he just stops and I'm sure I can work out what it is and get him working again but I'm concerned because I'm going to be doing this show for at least 30 days consecutively and ideally, I need at least four of these guys + backups. And if I can't make a robot that is reliable then the show is going to be a disaster.

I'm also concerned because, what I want to do is get them working in concert at the end. Picture the song "Mr Sandman" accapella being sung by them. This requires them to be entirely in sync and have fast movements; if one's out then it's going to be awful.

One has to be moved around; the other three can be attached to the same V4 or even an arduino or something.

Anyway; I really need some help and not just help on this board; I mean practical help. I went to a Meetup last week but only two people showed up. I'm lost.

If there's anyone in London or, even England (I'll drive) with a workshop and some time and wants to be involved in this project then that would be amazing.

Here is an video of me excerpt of me doing my last show if you're interested.

All best wishes, James. User-inserted image


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LOL - I just watched your video and laughed outloud 9 or 20 times. Think Alan is annoyed with me now :)

Real good stuff!

United Kingdom

HAHAH. Amazing. So you can see why I need help! This show needs to be just as good; if not far better!


I see I see:) We'll get you going!


You may have to boost your servo speeds if your using scripts. I've noticed that when I add load to servos it will slow them down. By upping the servo speed settings this seems to compensate for the extra load.

One other solution may be that you need stronger servos. servo strength is measured in torque. Check the specs for the max torque of your servo running at the voltage your supplying and get one within the same class (Standard, Micro, quarter size, exc) with more torque.