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Anyone Here Do Python Coding?

Looking for a software person who can or knows someone who can program in Python and might be interested in working on a project, based around effects but could easily find itself in the robotics world. It would be on an individual's personal time and very little compensation. But the outcome would be nothing less than spectacular, at least in my world. There is open source code available completing at least 70% of the project. I just need someone to take it out further and tie some components together and add the ability to use more hardware. I'd love to try and interface with the EZB. But, this has been successfully tested on the "A" board and it works. Please send an offline personal message to discuss see video.

Thanks in advance.

(Slightly OT, but could serve the robotic community )


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Most of the guys come here because they don't know how to program or is just getting started. I am a beginning python programmer. The guys that are good at it are making $150k a year and are way too busy to stop and help. You need to do a google search for python programming forum. Those places will be rich in Python programmers. They should be able to help you.

Hope that this helped.
Thanks for responding, I'll start my look there!