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Anyone Have Success Adding Voice Recognition To Xp ?

Good Morning EZ-Roboters !

EZ-Builders Voice Recognition works GREAT on Windows 7, and I hope to test it on Windows 8 sometime this weekend.

Has anyone had any success adding Voice Recognition to Windows XP, and if so, what Software Packages worked best ?

It's Now Six(6) Weeks with EZ-Builder, and I LOVE IT ! ! !

The Neighbor Boy is a member of the local Washington High School Robotics Club, and he introduced me to Code Academy, and similar sites.

I am still looking to Purchase A Full Set of OSMO's for the Robotics Club; Please Help Me Locate Some ?

Thank You All,

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)


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United Kingdom
Following this Microsoft KnowledgeBase support item may help with Voice Recognition and Windows XP

Windows XP doesn't have native voice recognition which I believe ARC relies on so there may be some difficulty in getting it going, it's not something I've tried nor want to try but please let us know if that KB from Microsoft works.
I have it working on my windows xp,i forgot how i did it,since i do love repairing computers
computer repair is eas,including fixing network problems and start up and more and getting certains like voice recognition to work,only problem i dont write the info down all the time.

Give me some time DOUG getting ready to install another windows xp,i know windows 7 is easy to add it,but i like windows xp for now for 2 more years when there is no support

I do have a super fast 4 processor server with windows 7 64 bit i like buy mostly its for video

Why are you using WINDOWS XP instead of windows 7

i heard windows 9 comming out soon,next year if not sooner,i would when it will stop ,

NICE link RICH never used it ,but it may help him
New Zealand
I see the knowledge base article has been updated as of the 1st of May for XP voice recognition.

Something may have changed so check it out and let us know of you are successful.