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Anyone Have Any Extra B-9 24" Parts?

I have just started on my B-9 project and I have a long long way to go. Any ideas or other help will be appreciated.

so far I have taken everything apart.

Thanks! in advance.

I hope to soon start an Omnibot2000 project once I manage to secure one.


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I also have thee 24" B9 robot in time will have my project up.
@MEL didnt you buy it in good shape,mine is working perfect when i got it,pretty low cost too $70
I paid almost $200 , $168 to be exact plus shipping. It came in with the head broken. But, I don't think that I will need that part. I am thinking more on the rubber by the arms and neck and that sort-of stuff.

BTW, I am getting really tired of Ebay not having the omni2000. If they take too long, longer than a week, I will probably shoot you an email. The guy that was selling his MINT condition complete for $525 did not get ANY bids. I offered him a small bid, but he probably won't take it.

So, you have three. I will be glad when you post and I can look at your finished project. Mine was not as big as I suspected. Can't really get a notebook inside.

Have a Happy 4th and be safe.
I may have the original arm plastic from mine (since I replaced them with motorcycle fork boots). I will check and let you know.
I was just curious. I will probably put fork boots on mine.