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Anyone Have A Omnibot 2000 For Sale? Or Partial Bot?

Just looking for omnibot, a couple were on ebay for 380 bucks but i thought that was pricey. Any help finding one? Thanks


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Woops , i meant i AM looking for a walle e command , emiglio , roomba with self charge feature and regular omnibot.
i have an emiglo i just need rc eney help?
United Kingdom
Wow, has that one been buried in a garden for a few years or something? It's filthy!..

I'm still waiting for one on ebay uk but it's been months since one was on there now.
back off. that ones mine!

lol. just kidding my rad project has put me broke.
Cant believe the omnibot rgordon suggested went for $450.00US. if this thread is still going theres an omnibot for sale in parts being sold individually on ebay Canada. most parts are around 30 bucks. the whole omnibot is there.
Its crazy but the projects like DJ's original 2000, mine and the others here have significantly raised the value
If anyone finds an omnibot(any kind) under 250 post it.
United Kingdom
If I find an Omni 2000 I will be bidding to win so no point posting it (unless to say "save your time and me some money because I will win this one regardless of how insanely high it goes").

That surprised me, the condition it is in I was expecting a lot lower but I guess others value them higher. Over here they haven't even been on ebay for over 3 months (none show up in completed listings) so I have no clue as to their value any more.
Type in custom Omnibot 2000 and I'm the first two listings and first YouTube :). , I really think people see that and get excited and start dreaming. Those dreams make Omnibot 2000 worth more in my opinion.
User-inserted image

I bet this Christmas time we will see them in the 400-600 dollar ranges for anything that claims to work.
United Kingdom
I have an omnibot 2000 for sale. Cheshire, England. If anyone is interested let me know.

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
How much do you want for it? I'm interested.
United Kingdom
Hi Rich,

£250, buyer collects. Also includes tray, remote and instructions, see image below.

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Put it on ebay if nobody else is interested, that's more than it's worth to me to be honest, plus it would need to be shipped.
United Kingdom
Thanks Rich, I,ll do a bit more research and put it on eBay.
Pabaylis , why don't you sell it to Rich for 150 , that's a little more than I bought both mine for.
United Kingdom
It'll sell for £200-£230 plus reasonable shipping on ebay over here without a problem I'm sure. One went for £30 a few months back (I guess it wasn't spotted by many, I certainly missed it) but generally £200 is there or there abouts. £350 if it's complete with tray, battery, charger, remote, box and in good condition.

And around 3 pop up every 6 months on ebay UK.

For £150 I'd take it and it would find a very good home, but if you want the most you can get for it then eBay will get you another £50 on top of that if not more. Either way is fine by me, I'm in no rush to get one.

Is there anybody who wants to sell his Omnibot 2000?

Thx a lot (: