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Anyone Else Working With The Roomba Or Icreate?

This is embarrassing. I got Marty pretty well built for the second time. My memory is not too good right now. After she is all together, I realize that the ON/OFF button is way inside and I cannot reach it without tearing her all apart. Then, after a bit of depression, I said to myself "Hey! I can turn the Create on with the remote!" Then, I remembered that the remote stop working about 30 days after I had the Create. It works on my OTHER Roombas, but NOT the one that I am using on the robot. Sheesh!

It seems that the program used to work WITHOUT me turning the Create ON. It seemed that the software would control it fine. But, with my memory, I don't remember. That is why I am calling on the group.

Do you turn your ROOMBA ON first or do you just hit INIT on the Roomba control panel?

That is something very important to know before I tear Marty all apart for the 3rd time.

Thanks in Advance. I don't see any Roombas on here EXCEPT for D.J. 's little demo.

I hope I that I have explained this in a clear manner.

I haven't forgot about the pictures, between my wife and I, we have been going steady with the Doctors.



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The init won't turn on the roomba, unless the iCreate is different. There is a pin on the connector that can the the roomba on. It's labeled in the SCI manual from iRobot. I honestly can't remember the details because I've never done it. But it can be done:)
I've also started a robot project using the PCB from a 4XXX model and the drive motors from a 5XX model. I did locate the 2005 SCI document from iRobot and there is a short mention of how to wake up the robot by toggling the Device Detect pin 5 on the SCI using the RTS pin on a DB9 RS232 connector. This only works on the Create and 4XX, 4XXX models. This won't work with the 500, 600, and 700 model Roombas.

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